The Redwoods

California | Est. 1968

  • Free to enter
  • 131,983 acres
  • Coast, Forest
  • Misty 40-60 degrees
  • Deer, elk, black bears

Redwood National Park features a breathtaking anciet forest bordered by the refreshing waters of the Pacific Ocean on the coast of northern California. Sunlight filters through mist as it peeks around the strong trees, and every grove radiates a sort of steady serenity. It is a place that makes you feel small but also inspired; from soft bird calls to waves crashing against the shore, this national park is worth experiencing time and time again.

Why is it number one?

Soft sunlight filtering through the pine needles in our campsite in the Redwoods


To this day, the Redwood National Forest is the most magical place I’ve ever been. Within the shimmering mist lies an energy that I can’t begin to explain; everything sits still yet dances all at once. Perhaps I am biased because we got engaged in one of those majestic groves, but it was my favorite destination on the trip even before the proposal.

A shot of the view off of wedding rock in Agate Beach


The massive size of these trees and the anciet groves in which they live is humbling to experience. Walking through an area of forest that has been untouched by floods or wildfires or human contaminiation for upwards of eighty years is something I will never be able to fully describe. It’s as though memories live within the very trees.

A beautiful image of the northern coast of California


One of the coolest things about this park was being able to walk out of the forest and onto the California cost. The power of the ocean complemented the strength of the trees perfectly; together they were a dream duo.

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